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I don’t know when my love for design officially started. Maybe it was that addition I put on my first Barbie Doll House, or the custom furniture, custom window treatments. Could be. It could have been the first time my mom took me to one of her real estate listings. Maybe it was all the house plans I saw in the magazines that were in my childhood home. I think you get the picture though.

Like many people I know, I didn’t get to my true passion until after first getting a degree in Economics and Business Administration. I worked in that field for many years. I’m thankful for the left-brain skills I acquired like outstanding customer service, and organizational and project management abilities. Fortunately for me, I got the opportunity to back to school and get an education in interior design. Every class was like magic, every project amazing, and I soaked up the knowledge like a sponge. As this was a second career and I had young children at home when I graduated, I decided to work for myself so I could prioritize my family and work on projects that allowed me the best of both worlds.

Truthfully, another major reason I decided to work for myself, is because I know the level of work I do, I am the face to my customer and it’s very important to me that my clients always get the same level of service.

I try to treat clients the way I would like to be treated as some-one receiving a service such as this. If you want to know more about me or how we might work together, please be in touch. I’d love to chat.