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What To Consider When Picking Colors

Everyone knows when you are decorating a space that you have to pick the paint colors for the walls and trim.  Choosing the perfect hue for each area can make or break the design.  In addition, paint is a relatively low cost item when decorating, and it truly gives you the most bang for your buck.

Psychological Effect Walk into a room with walls painted a soft butter cream yellow, how do you feel?  Now walk into the same room painted a deep crimson red?  Color has a strong psychological effect. Take this into consideration when choosing the paint color for your bedroom versus your home office.


Size Perception Color can alter the perceived size of a room (and objects in a room).  Use lighter colors to make a small room seem bigger.  If your room has a low ceiling height use a lighter tint of the wall color.  If your ceiling is extremely high and you want to create the feeling that the ceiling is closer than it is, use a darker shade of the wall color.  Don’t feel that you can’t have a rich, deep color on the wall if the room is small, just use it more sparingly, for example on an accent wall.

Try it on for size If you’re not sure about a color you’ve chosen, buy some white poster boards and paint three or four of them.   Hang the painted poster board in different places around the room and see how it looks at different times of the day.  If you’re a bit braver, paint a few good size sample squares directly on the wall – live with it for a few days – minimum.

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