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Bathrooms Need Decorating, Too!

We buy new furniture for our living rooms, put up window treatments and art. The master bedroom gets a new bedding set, bed linens, and down pillows. Even the front door gets a new welcome mat every so often.  What happens to the bathroom?  This is not just a place where you shower, brush your teeth, or shave.  Even if you’ve remodeled and put in new sinks, counter tops, and a toilet, don’t stop there!  Just like the rest of the rooms in the house, the bathroom needs decorating, too!


Coordinated accessories Whether you’ve recently remodeled or are working with an existing bathroom, coordinated bathroom accessories can help bring the room together.  A matching soap dish, waste basket, tissue holder, etc. provide a useful function and an aesthetic one as well.  You need a soap dispenser and waste basket at a minimum.  Select them from a matching set for a more polished and put together look.

Storage Storage, or lack of storage, is almost always an issue in the bathroom.  Whether you like your items to be in open view, or behind closed doors, having a place for everything will help keep order – especially in smaller bathrooms.  Display items nicely for instance roll up towels instead of folding them if they will be displayed and not in a cabinet.  You’ll feel like you’re in a spa.

Other splashes A quick and easy way to freshen up any bathroom is with a new set of hand towels.  You can bring color into the space with some fun designs, bright colors, or elegantly embroidery.

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photo by Better Homes & Garden