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Window Treatments and Wow!

In my 10 plus years doing interior design, I still remember my first window treatment installation. Excuse me as I wax nostalgic on an experience that I think about and try to explain to homeowners as they set their design budget and consider where they want to spend the hard earned dollars.

I really pride myself on educating my clients so they spend their money wisely and get as much bang for their buck as possible. In my opinion, window treatments are one of two design features that really gives a finishing touch to a space.  It will make you feel like you're a grown up in a real house just like you see in the magazines.  It's hard to explain if you've never experienced it.  (By the way the second of the two items that finishes off a room is art work -they don't have to be Picasso's!).



Right now, I'm working on a great project where we are coordinating the window treatment in the master bathroom and the master bedroom. Beautiful fabric on the over drapery with a subtle sheer underneath. I'm lucky, as the client grew up in a house where her parents used interior designers and knows that window treatments are important!

Left is sample of the fabric we're using. I'll post pictures of the finished product when it's done!

If you want to see more of my work and window treatments as well, check out my projects on Houzz.

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