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How to Create a Stylish and Chic Utility Room


Stylish and chic. Two words that don’t normally leap to mind when you picture a utility room. After all, the word utility means “functional rather than attractive.” But there’s no reason why you have to do laundry in a boring, drab room. Here are a few ideas on how to make your utility room fashionable AND functional. Charming Cabinets – Add more storage capability to your utility room by adding built-in cabinets over your washer and dryer. If you already have built-ins, you can update their look by adding glass panels and modern tubular hardware.

utility room

utility room

Eye-Catching Patterns – One way to define the space in your laundry room in a way that’s trendy and playful is to add striking wallpaper in a unique pattern. Make sure the wall covering matches your color scheme so you can accent the room’s décor in an effortless way. Invigorate with Color – Infuse your room with a bold color palette to add some flair into the space. You can either add bold color to the walls, such as with a rich red hue, or paint the cabinetry in the room a zesty lime-green shade to make the space look fun and inviting.

Beautiful Backsplash – Creating a colorful backsplash is a great way to create an instant focal point in your utility room. Painted ceramic tiles in a simple pattern can add some much-needed pizzazz to the room. Or if you want to make a big impression, consider creating an earthy mosaic to add depth and warmth to the area between blocks of cabinetry.

Fabulously Functional – Installing a smooth, tile countertop above your washer and dryer is a wonderful way to add an extra surface to your laundry room for folding clothes. Plus, it adds that extra note of class to an otherwise staid room.

Thrifty Chic – Don’t get caught up in thinking that everything needs to be shiny and new to make your laundry room beautiful. Adding antique furniture like a wardrobe to the room gives you an opportunity to tell a story and have storage at the same time.

chandelier for laundry room

chandelier for laundry room

Glam Lighting – It’s no secret that you need good lighting in your utility room. But why settle for a boring light fixture when you can splurge on a chic chandelier? You can find inexpensive ones on sites like Houzz that work with LED and fluorescent bulbs, so you can be glamorous and energy efficient at the same time!

Creature Comforts – Sometimes it’s the simple things that can bring a drab room to life. Place a potted plant or flower on your utility room work shelf. And hang a few pieces of your favorite art work too, so you have something lovely to look at while sorting and folding clothes.

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