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Top Window Treatment Trends to Enhance Your Home

Many people don’t give window treatments much thought until they buy a new home and have to start choosing between blinds and curtains, drapes and shades, etc. There are so many options available today. What you choose depends on your style and budget. If you’re buying a new Orlando home, or want to breathe some new life into your existing windows, here a few treatment ideas to consider.

Motorization / Automation – If you’ve ever watched an episode of Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing New York, you’ve probably seen a Greenwich Village apartment with motorized window shades. Guess what? You can have motorized window coverings in your home, even if you don’t have a million dollar property in Dr. Phillips. These treatments are not as expensive as you might think.

Motorized window coverings are super convenient too. You can control them from your smartphone or tablet. You can even schedule when the shades should go up or down, so you could easily wake up to the sunrise in the morning, instead of that noisy alarm clock! Plus, motorized shades mean they’re safe for children and pets too.

Multi-Layered Effect – Can’t decide between shades and drapes? You don’t have to when you adopt the multi-layered effect. Window shades are great for blocking the sun, while drapery panels provide a luxurious look to your home. One way to create a truly elegant look is to layer panels over blinds, shades and shutters. This way you get light, privacy and sophistication all in one look.

Simple & Classy

– Looking for a way to add simple elegance to your windows? Look for treatments made with soft, simple fabrics paired with clean, classy accessories. If you have a bathroom or kitchen window with a sill that’s high off the ground, a shade will work well here. Instead of mini blinds though, opt for a bamboo stick-shade or roman fabric shade. IKEA is a great resource for these!

Child Safety

– People often overlook window coverings when it comes to making sure their home is safe for children. Unfortunately, blinds can be especially dangerous due to the fact that the cords are a strangulation hazard. Your best bet is to go cordless. Other options include curtains without sashes and drapes.


– If you’re interested in window treatments that are eco-friendly, bamboo and woven blinds are good choices for natural and functional window décor. Pair them with curtains or leave them alone for a minimalist look.

Go Bold – Do you love bold colors? Jazz up your home with window treatments in this year’s hot colors – deep jewel tones such as turquoise, emerald and topaz. Just make sure you pair vibrant draperies and shades with neutral walls, subtle furnishings and textiles so you don’t overwhelm your guests.

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