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Feeling - How to Start Designing Your Room

There are so many things I can write about in a design blog but I was really trying to come up with something a little different.

Today, I happened to be walking through a Home Goods looking for a cute planter for my mother, and I ran across two console tables that caught my eye. I have a very good friend who is also an interior designer and we help each other out here and there because it’s really more fun to co-create. I happened to know she was looking for a console table for a project. We had discussed this over the past few months, so I knew the color scheme, what furniture she selected, and most importantly, I knew the feel she was going for in the space. And, I realized, yes, this is what I can talk about.


Feeling is really the starting point, in my opinion, when you want to design a room. What feeling do you want the room to convey? Let’s say you’re updating your master bedroom. So, let’s start with the feeling. Do you want a cheery, energetic bedroom, a spa type relaxation, or maybe a beach/coastal feel?

Start there.

Let’s say you want the cheery, energetic bedroom. Close your eyes and start to pay attention. What do you see? It’s important. Write it down. For me, cheery and energetic, means light or white furniture, with pops of yellow, orange, and hot pink. I might have a light or off white wall but there will be tons of fun, bright art work. Or maybe I’ll have an amazing wall paper on one of the walls. That’s my vision. For someone else, bright and energetic could mean turquoise and black with all sorts of variations.

Now you can keep this in mind when you start to buy different pieces for your bedroom. Ask yourself if that pillow, that fabric, that piece of art work, or accessory is going to align with the feeling you are trying to achieve for the entire room. If not,

Leave it!

It’s so easy to walk into places like Home Goods where there are so many beautiful items…..but stay focused. I beg you! Seriously though, if you stay focused on the “feeling,” the room will be finished and there will be flow. The room will be cohesive, not just a space with amazing pieces that don’t work together. Trust me!

Not to leave you hanging, I texted my friend the pictures of the two pieces of furniture, and as I thought, one of them is just perfect. She was heading there later to purchase it.

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