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Local Artist Cindy Burkett's Art with Recycled Paper - Amazing!


I love visiting New Smyrna Beach. I was there in April this year for my annual girls’ trip. I love looking at art work, so I stopped in at The Hub on Canal. In Studio #24, , I discovered Cindy Burkett, an artist doing amazing things from recycled papers.

When seen from a distance her collages are often mistaken for paintings. On closer examination, it is all an illusion. They trick the mind¹s eye and become intriguing for the viewer as they explore the details.

Her collages are actually small pieces of paper torn or cut from recycled magazines, calendars, catalogs or other donated papers. It takes many hours of organization and concentration to bring together this art form. It is amazing to find all the individual images, sometimes hundreds of pieces, that come together to create the main subject.

Cindy credits her long career as a graphic designer to developing the vision to be able to see in tones of color and textures that blend together. She puts in pieces that mimic reality but are never are what they seem to be on closer inspection.

If you’re visiting in New Smyrna, I recommend visiting The Hub on Canal. It’s a community arts center with almost 70 artists and 25 individual studios where you can find artists at work. Located one block west of the river on the northeast corner of historic Canal Street and Magnolia in New Smyrna Beach. It¹s a gem of the city¹s arts district.

Below are a few more pictures of Cindy’s art work.

Burkett_head shot.jpg

If you’d like to purchase any of these pieces or see more of Cindy’s work you can contact her at the below listed information or via her website:

Cindy Burkett
The Hub on Canal
Studio #24
132 Canal Street
New Smyrna Beach, Florida

Phone: 407-491-6266

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