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Coffee table, ottoman or what

What should you put in your seating area? Do you like an ottoman? How about a coffee table? Should it be glass, fabric, or what?

First, a couple of things to consider when you are making your choice.

  • You need to have enough room to comfortably walk between the edge of the sofa and/or chair the table or ottoman. I recommend 18 inches.

  • Besides your personal style consider how the space looks. Is it a small space? If so, you might want to consider a glass top table because being able to see through a piece of furniture gives the illusion that there is more space.

  • If this is a room where you need some storage for toys, blankets, etc. Consider a storage ottoman so you can keep the room tidy. The red one at the top of the article is well upholstered so it will be comfy to put your feet up on as well.

  • Lastly, of course, is the rich look of wood. A classic for sure. Taste specific but don’t be afraid to mix your woods if your side tables or other wood pieces are a different color of wood.

If you are need of any design help, whether it’s an area rug, furniture selection, or just a consultation, I would to hear from you!

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