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What's Your Design Style?

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I was looking for something the other day in my dining buffet and ran across the blue glass piece I’m holding in the picture above. I have a few left over from the beautiful dining chandelier in my house.

  • I love colored glass.

  • I love vibrant colors.

  • They inspire me and make me feel happy.

As a designer, friends, clients, people in general ask me, “what’s in?”. I read the latest in design trends, I know the color of the year, and so on but in the end… I believe you have to find out what makes you happy and follow that design style. It will speak to you. But I say - You Do You! You’ll be happier in the long run.

With that in mind, take a peak below at what I get to see every day in the center of my house. I love this chandelier. You can see all the glass pieces laid out on a table. I cleaned them, and grouped them together according to color. See the metal frame hanging from the ceiling where I attached all the individual pieces. It wasn’t as difficult as it looks. In the end, I have beauty. I turn the lights on at night whether we’re sitting in the dining room or not. I could wax poetic about this for many pages but I think you see the point.

Figure out your design style, and go from there.

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