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Why Your Bedroom Design is so Important


You spend easily one-third of your life sleeping, plus other uncounted hours relaxing in bed, and just walking in and out of your bedroom. For me, this is more than reason enough to make decorating your bedroom (master bedroom or other bedroom) high on the priority list.

It’s my haven.

I walk into my bedroom and whether the bed is made or not (yes, you caught me, I don’t make my bed - actually most days), I feel relaxed in this space, and happy to walk into the room, and especially happy to be getting into my bed at the end of the day. Don’t you want to feel that way, too? I hope so.

When I design bedrooms, I try to achieve a custom look without the custom price tag. I want every bedroom to have a one of a kind look and feel. I’m not keen on a thousand decorative pillows on the bed but I do like some pillows, typically between 3 pillows and 5 pillows at the most.

I’m working on the Zajac Design Club where we will definitely be working on bedrooms at some point.

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