Vicki Zajac Interiors



This service is perfect for the person who is out of the area but still has a living room, master bedroom, or family room they want to transform and wants professional guidance and assistance.  

Design Fee: Starting at $425 

How it works:

  1. We start with by reviewing the questionnaire via video chat.

  2. You take photos and measurements of your selected room and submit them to me.

  3. I will space plan the area with a furniture layout, create two design boards, and provide a detailed list with recommended furniture sizes to make your shopping as easy as possible.

  4. During Video Chat #2, we will review the design boards* and furniture plans and answer your follow up questions. (*One concept board revision is included—if necessary. Any additional time will be charged at current hourly rate.)

  5. I’ll then take that information and I will finalize a detailed design board and updated shopping list from which you will be able to use to furnish your room, including directions of where to place furniture, art work, area rug, etc.