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3 Hot Tips to Design and Love Your Ideal Room


Have you ever been in a room that just felt positive, warm, peaceful, and inviting? A room in which

you felt so comfortable that you just didn’t want to leave? This feeling is what you get when you

create your ideal room—your ultimate space!


1. Think about just one of the spaces you’d like to change or transform.

2. Now, close your eyes and take a deep breath or two.

3. Imagine you are now seeing the room with the changes, look around, see the colors, see the furniture, and notice how you feel. Sit there for a minute or so with eyes closed. Take your time.

4. Do you feel relaxed, peaceful, energized, happy, and grounded?

5. Write it all down! Describe how it felt and what it looked like. There are no wrong answers!


1. Go to and create an account. It’s EASY & FREE!

2. Create an idea book for each space, with a name such as “master bedroom”, or “formal living room,” so you can return and add to it as you wish.

3. If you’re working on a master bedroom, go to the page for master bedrooms, and casually look through the pictures without giving it too much thought.

4. If there are specific things you know you like, add them to the search. For example, maybe you find that you are drawn to dark wood furniture, light green as an overall color, or perhaps a mixture of styles. Type words like dark wood, light green, and eclectic into your master bedroom search to narrow the search. If you’re not sure, just peruse all the pictures, while staying alert for and open to the feeling discussed in the first exercise.

5. If you see a picture that especially speaks to you, stop and save it to your idea book, jotting down notes about your thoughts and feelings.

6. IMPORTANT: You don’t have to like everything in the picture. Maybe it’s just an area rug, the light fixtures, or the way the pillows are arranged on the bed.

7. I recommend getting 15-20 pictures without too much thought. Then go back a day later and look at them. You will see a common theme. You can show these pictures to salespeople and they will understand what you are looking for.


Although the Internet is loaded with awesome places to shop for accessories and artwork, I do like to see and touch what I buy. And yet, convenience and customer-focused return policies make it very tempting to do it all online.

When I do venture beyond my computer, I find excellent bargains at places like Home Goods, Target, Pier 1, Bed Bath & Beyond, Old Time Pottery, IKEA, and World Market, to name a few. It’s important to know the quality of the items at each store. Some have better wood products, while others have better accessories or art work. What’s great is you can return any purchases that don’t work with your project. If you get home and find that the color is off, the size is wrong, or something just doesn’t look as good as you thought it would, you can easily take it back to the store for a refund.

A wonderfully creative resource is, where you’ll find amazing ways to make your own artwork and accessories. To make a statement for hardly any money, you can try such tricks as framing scrapbooking paper in an inexpensive frame.

You’ll be amazed at the impact you can make with a piece of fabric from the local fabric store, a bit of wallpaper, or even some wrapping paper, when you mount it in a beautiful frame. You don’t have to be extremely crafty to get such amazing, professional-looking results.

Below are two great examples using, fabric, wall paper, ribbon, and left over glass mosaic tile.

Mosaic tiles.JPG
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