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1/3 of your life

Do you want to feel like you’re in an upscale hotel, at the beach, or a cozy inn?

Here’s the definition of bedroom—a room furnished and used for sleeping. It’s true, you spend about one-third of your life sleeping but the bedroom provides both visual and physical comfort. It’s so important. You wake up in this space after a night’s sleep, and you enter this room after your day is over.  Let’s make it your sanctuary.

Dining rooms

New Rules

If memory serves,  this has been the place you eat when company comes over, holiday time, or special occasions. Times are changing. People are less formal overall with the majority of clients wanting smaller tables that can extend if need be, or cozy eating spaces for hosting small gatherings of friends and family.  Casual or formal is your choice but don’t feel boxed into a formal dining room if that’s not you or your lifestyleYou write the rules here.

Kitchen and Bathrooms

The kitchen is the heart of the home, the center. It’s a gathering place for everyone and even competes with the family room.  It’s typically open to other rooms so ensuring good flow is important.

There are so many types of bathrooms in homes these days. The powder or half bath, the guest bath, kids bath, and of course the master bath. Turning your half bath into a jewel box, your master bathroom into a spa like retreat, or just adding two sinks into the kids bathroom will bring pleasure to your life both aesthetically and in functionality.

Living rooms

Beautiful and Functional

When’s the last time you had company over and were proud of your entertaining space? The living room, or family room is a space that everyone sees and spends time in. It needs to be both beautiful and functional. Do you have kids or animals? Are you the neighborhood host to watch the weekend sporting event? What size tv should I buy? Let’s get the answers to all your questions and end up with an amazing space.


If you don’t live in the Orlando area – no worries, e-Design is the answer. Using today’s technology it’s easy to work together so you can get a beautifully designed spaced.